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German Xtrig manufactures motocross accessories of the highest quality and finish! Xtrig has always design and functionality in mind, and offers a full range of premium accessories for both professional and recreational riders.


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    What is X-trig?

    Most of Xtrigs employees are active motorcyclists or have years of experience in motorsport, providing a unique attention to detail, materials and technology. All manufacturing is done in the company in Germany which allows Xtrig to quickly and individually ensure each customer's needs. Continuous expansion of the distribution network also gives it a superior customer service. Thanks to the combination of highly trained staff and the best equipment in the production process, guarantees an outstanding quality on all Xtrigs products. It is also Xtrigs aim to always offer their customers accessories of absolute top quality and finish, with a focus on design and performance. Xtrigs products are not only meant for racing teams and professionals, but for all riders who want to improve the appearance and increase the performance on their motorcycle.