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Rizoma designs unique parts and accessories for motorcycles. With passion and creativity, they create exclusively designed products made of carefully selected materials, such as aluminum and composite fiber. Original design, quality and exclusivity are Rizoma's key words.


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    What is Rizoma?

    Since the beginning of 2000, Italian Rigolio brother, Fabrizio and Fabio, have designed unique accessories and parts for motorcycles. It was the demand for nice rearview mirrors for motorcycles that inspired the Rigolio brothers to start the Rizoma company. Fabio worked as a production engineer and Fabrizio as a designer when they decided to take things into their own hands and begin to produce rearview mirrors. In 2001, the first Rizoma catalogue came out, and contained only rearview mirrors. Retailers in Italy, France and Germany began selling Rizoma's rearview mirrors, but by 2004, the brothers began feeling like it was time to expand and increase their range of products. Several designers were employed and large investments were made. Today, Rizoma's catalogue contains more than 1,500 products, many of which are made for racing. Although Rizoma is primarily know for its exclusive designer products, they have become increasingly interested in racing since 2008, and collaborate with several teams, including LCR Honda and San Carlo Honda Gresini, as well as drivers Tony Elias and Randy de Puniet.