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Twenty TiPeg Titanium Footpegs


What could be more necessary than a pair of sturdy titanium foot pegs?

Developed by the 24MX Honda Racing World Cup Team and tested by the absolute elite of the sport, we now proudly present the most essential product a serious Motocross or Enduro driver could ever need.

Hand-welded in an oxygen-free environment, these beauties are manufactured from the best titanium. The stylish TIG weld marks the aggressive design of the footpegs. The elevated and sharp teeth ensure the best grip and maximum service life while helping you maintain maximum control over your bike.

The footpegs come in a stylish resealable package with a magnetic lock.

Titanium is 55% lighter than steel and a much more awesome metal.
Fot this reason, you will be get around the track faster and look cooler in the depot.

Height: 35 mm.

Width: 63 mm.

Length: 87 mm (from the outside bracket).