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Twenty MX Air Filters 10-pack


Twenty MX Air Filter 10-pack !
An air filter should be changed often, it is never wrong to save money while saving the life of the engine.

Twenty Mx air filter, is an air filter that is designed to easily replace the original. Twenty air filters are manufactured by the world 's largest manufacturer of air filters for Motocross.

MX Air Filter has double bonded walls to effectively prevent dirt from entering the engine but at the same time give you maximum air flow. Twenty MX Air Filters use a third layer of foam that seals against your airbox, an important part which prevents sand and dirt from getting into your engine.

Twenty MX air filters are handmade and glued with a special glue which ensures durablity that holds together despite heavy use and cleaning.
The outer layer acts as a first guard that captures airborne debris and dust. The inner layer traps even the smallest particles at the same time as it releases the maximum amount of air so that you get the maximum power from the engine.
The thick foam gasket provides a secure connection to the airbox.

Twenty 's filters are manufactured from polyester, the best material on the market for filter manufacturing!

The filter should be oiled with air filter oil. Air filters should be changed regularly! Therefore, it is easier if you have a few spares lying around to replace with. Always carry an extra pair of oiled filters to the track!

For cleaning, we recommend that you use special air filter cleaning to clean your foam filter regardles, both foam and glue joints can be damaged by other solvents.

Supplied only with the rubber sealing ring if necessary according to OEM.

Do not forget to purchase filters oil and filter cleaner!