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ProX Complete Clutch Kit


ProX Complete Clutch Kit contains a complete kit for the renovation of your clutch.

You get friction discs, steel or alloy plates and also a set of clutch springs, if your clutch uses them.
This complete package will be the easiest and best replacement kit for your bike.

ProX clutch friction and steel/alloy plates manufactured by the leading OEM factories in Japan.
Manufactured to exact OEM specifications and offer maximum performance and durability. Steel plates for long life, durability, and the same feel as OEM.

You can be sure that the plates and springs are perfectly matched for optimum performance.

Clutch kit with included springs are 10 % stiffer compared to the OEM, this is to reduce the risk of the clutch slipping under extreme conditions.

All components of the kit can be used in conjunction with OEM parts as well as " aftermarket " accessories such as clutch baskets, clutch centre and pressure plates.

ProX Complete Clutch Kit gives you:

- Made out of leading OEM factories
- Exact OEM specifications for maximum performance and durability
- Complete with friction plates, steel or alloy plates and springs, if your clutch uses them
- Can be used in combination with any OEM or aftermarket clutch components

Some of the clutches use washer springs (a large washer that is bent to create flex and apply pressure against the discs to replace the conventional springs). Therefore the kits for the bikes that use this system don't come with springs.