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Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Protection


C-FRAME™ is the result of many years of development. Leatt does not launch a product if it has not undergone hundreds of hours of tough tests both in lab and out in real life. Now the result is the C-FRAME ™, three-part knee protectors that differs from other knee protectors.

C-FRAME™ is based on a so-called Mono Hinge C-Arm that has one hinge instead of two as seen by most competitors on the market. This makes the protector more lightweight, you do not have to replace worn-out hinges and it won't damage the trousers as much as other protectors.

C-FRAME™ allows the rider to lock the end position to avoid knee joint overlap. It is also equipped with extra large buckles that keep the protectors securely in place during extreme riding. The soft "pads" on the inside of the knees are adjustable to suit all types of riders. Inner socks with soft foam are included.

- 3-point force distribution
- Super stiff mono hinge construction
- C-Arm made of diecast 383 aluminium alloy
- Adjustable soft lockouts to prevent injuries.
- Super low profile on the inside of the knees that does not distract you when you're on the motorcycle.
- Integrated CE 1621-1 impact certified knee cap protection
- Engineered to prevent upper and lower leg injury
- 3D design for an excellent fit
- Sold in pairs