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Acerbis Kignol Fork Saver


Acerbis is an Italian brand that manufactures high-quality products. 35 years of experience with the best off-road racers in the world brings you the race-ready performance you're looking for.

Kignol Fork Saver for your bike!

• Sold with an installation guide
• Limits pressure on the fork during transport, when the hydraulic seals of the suspension are under pressure from the motorbike straps
• Easily positioned by fastening and snapping it into place to the forks, between the front wheel and the front mudguard, making the motorbike more stable
• Can be used for transport with a trailer, van or pick-up
• Tab sticker in the middle gives the option of customising with a marker
• Includes bar ends and a wall guard cap, to prevent chafing between the bar and the sidewall of the van or walls and where bars come into contact with each other when transporting several motorcycles on the trailer
• The bar end can be used with or without the handguard closed
• Sturdy but lightweight