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24MX Youth Cup Number Plate Decals


Are you riding in the 24MX Youth MX Cup? Pimp your bike with personal number plate decals!

2 x "Mini-number plates" with your name and number included!

You get your name and race number printed on pre-cut license plate decals customised for your bike. Select a background colour so we can adjust the number colour according to regulations.

The decals are printed here at 24MX using quality, modern printing technology. If you follow our simple assembly instructions, these decals will adhere firmly.

Choose a logo, background and decorative colour and enter your start number and the name you want on the front number plate.

- Sleek design
- High quality decals that won't come off, crack or discolour.

The number size will depend on the number of digits you select for your start number.
All names are printed in uppercase regardless of how you register the name with us eg. "Anderson" will be printed as "ANDERSON".

1. Clean the plastic with our A9 Pre-Decal cleaner or Brake cleaner. NOTE! New plastic must also be cleaned.
2. Heat the plastic with heat gun or hair dryer (do not heat the decal).
3. Align the decal before mounting. Secure it with masking tape, then remove the background paper a little at a time.
4. Attach the decal without touching the adhesive.
5. Start by attaching the decal at the corner, remove air bubbles before they are too far from the edges.
6. Rub the entire decal with a cloth, especially around the edges,so that the decal adheres firmly to the plastic.

NOTE! This product is made to order and is personal. This product can NOT be returned.