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Peltor is a world leader in communication equipment for the head, ears and face protections. Over 50 years of development and manufacturing of high quality hearing protection, Peltor has put in the forefront of safety, comfort and aesthetics.


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    What is Peltor?

    Peltor was founded in 1950 by Thore Palmaer. Palmaer worked with radio communications in the Air Force when he noticed that the ground crews and pilots had difficulty communicating with each other because of aircraft rumble. Palmaer had an idea for sound isolating earphones and thus was one of the world's first hearing protectors with built-in communications. Peltor started on a small scale in Uppland, but expanded rapidly following a number of large orders from the Swiss Army. After 13 years of success Peltor was in need for larger premises and moved to Marieholmsbruk in Gnosjö for further relocation to Värnamo. Today there are about 350 employees at Peltor and the world leader in communication equipment for the head, ear and face protection. They were acquired by 3M Swedish AB, but the name lives on as the Peltor brand. Peltor said since its inception its been driven by the ingenuity and entrepreneurship, which is a spirit which is still very much present in the organization today.