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K&N Filters

American KN Filters are one of the world's leading manufacturer of washable air and oil filters for motorcycles and motocross. KN's filter is a good investment as they will give the bike more power and reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the engine.


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    What is K&N Filters?

    KN Filters was founded in Riverside, California in the early 1960s by Ken Johnson and Norm MacDonald. Ken and Norm (K & N) sold motorcycles and motorcycle parts while they sponsored a factory team. Under this sponsorship of the race team they discovered that there was a great need for better filters, and they began to file for an idea of ??how they could improve the performance and sustainability of the air and oil filters. In 1969 KN came up with the reusable air filter that is made of cotton and hence the company expanded KN Filters steadily. KN's air filters are designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow combined with very good filtration levels to ensure a longer life. The secret of KN's success lies in the unique characteristics of the filter that was originally developed. The air filters are washable, reusable and built to last a lifetime on a car or motorcycle engine. During the late 1980s, KN released a line of innovative filters, which brought the company forward. KN's oil filters contain a modern synthetic filter, designed for ultimate flow without affecting the oil pressure. Today KN Filters are one of the leading manufacturers of filters and they provide more than 5,000 products with distribution in over 30 countries.