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Italian Interphone is a prominent manufacturer of including communication systems for motorcyclists. Group communication, connection to mobile, GPS or MP3 player, with Interphone keeps you in touch with the outside world.


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    What is Interphone?

    Cellular Italia was founded in 1990 as a distributor of the first mobile phones. In the early years the phone battery had very low durability, prompting Cellular Italia to produce its first own accessories: mobile battery charger for use in a car. In 2005, Cellular Italia's first Bluetooth Interphone. Interphone was received as a great innovation in communication between motorcyclists, who at that time were still using outdated wireline communication systems. Thanks to Inter Phones great reliability and functionality, they have over the years acquired a great confidence of its users. Interphone is a brand which today is known for producing high quality, innovative products and communication systems have become motorcycle riders perfect companion on the road.