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HJC is one of the world's largest manufacturer of helmets for motorcycles, motocross and snowmobiles, with distribution in over 50 countries. Looking for a stylish, safe, comfortable and affordable helmet then HJC is a best option.


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    What is HJC?

    Since 1971, HJC have specialized in the manufacturing of helmets for motorcycles, motocross and snowmobiles. This is because of the specialization, together with innovative ideas, solid experience and reasonable prices that HJC have reached such great success in the global market. With its vast resources HJC has built one of the world's largest test centers for helmets. Where they have conducted extensive tests in a large wind tunnel with wind speeds of up to 250 kph. This is to get HJC helmet safe and as aerodynamic as possible. HJC has factories in Korea, China and Vietnam. Their Development and Research Center is based in the USA. After over 40 years in the industry HJC's commitment is to provide high quality helmets at affordable prices for all motorcyclists, motocross riders and snowmobile enthuaisits around the world.