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EVS has over 25 years experience in developing, designing and manufacturing protective helmets and protective clothing for motocross. EVS is known for offering a wide range of high quality protective equipment and is thus an obvious choice for many motocross riders.


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    What is EVS?

    EVS was founded in 1985 when two motocross riders simply got tired knee injuries and the prevailing lack of good knee pads. The original product that EVS created was the AMX-5 knee brace that became a building block for today's most complete product line ever. EVS protection has been worn by the world's most prestigious motocross riders. EVS can look back and forward to a time with great success. With great devotion and endless moments of blood, sweat and tears have been spent in successfully developing high quality safety equipment for all avid motocross riders. What started out with a knee brace has today evolved into a comprehensive range of first-class protective equipment. Knee pads, chest protector, elbow pads, neck guards and helmets. EVS has everything a motocross riders needs.