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High Quality& Highly Tested Shock Absorbers

Swedish-made shocks from Engans. Shocks to suit your needs. Made of the highest quality and designed for maximum performance. Engans compression and rebound once pressure is tested by elite competition in both Sweden and the United States.

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    About Engans

    Engans Racing Service was founded by Anders " Engan " Engstedt , an avid motocross rider with interest for shock absorption. Since childhood Engan was interested in motocross, it was not until he bought his first cross his career took off . In the early 80's Engan began to engage in all of shock absorber problems that existed at that time. Engans innovations quickly became popular and the business idea " shock absorber doctor" was thus started. Engan was hired by motocross , enduro and snowmobiling riders who wanted help with shocks , forks and steering dampers of all kinds. Today, the shock absorbers from Engans are a dominant product in the snow racing world. Engan adjusts shock absorbers on other applications with high demands on function and durability. For example, Engans dampers are originally fitted on Coast Guard boats around the world , also a large number of ambulances in Sweden and Europe are equipped with Engans dampers. Engans also manufactures shock absorbers for crosscarts , harness strollers and disabled vehicles.