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DP Brakes

Reliable & Durable Brake Pads/Discs For Motorcycles and Motocross

DP Brakes is the only company in the world that exclusively develop and produces brake pads and discs for motorcycle and motocross. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology with sintered metal, DP has earned a reputation as a reliable supplier of durable products.

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DP Brakes

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    About DP Brakes

    In 1955 Dunlop Aviation developed the breakthrough technology with sintered metal brake pads. Dunlop Aviation, who worked for the airline industry, was asked to also produce brake discs and brake pads for motorcycles and thus founded DP Brakes. DP Brakes currently has a unique position in the market as they are the only company in the world that focuses 100 percent of its production on brake pads and discs of sintered metal. DP's products are known to provide excellent braking performance in wet conditions and when riding in mud or sand. It is said even that DP is better than the original in terms of performance and wear resistance. This, together with the DP's extensive experience in producing brake pads makes them a worthy replacement for the original on the motorcycle.