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Atlas Brace is an innovative manufacturer fro neckbraces, designed by prominent racers and experts. Atlas Brace is synonymous with safety, innovative features, simplicity, comfort and mobility.


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    What is Atlas?

    Atlas Brace Technologies was founded in 2011 by Brady Sheren, Brad McLean, Chadd Cole and Cameron Cole (who is also the founder of Matrix Concepts). Atlas neck brace was developed over a 3-year period, along with a team of engineers, doctors, chiropractors and biomechanical experts to undergo rigorous safety testing using the best pro riders in the world. The end result was a neck protection with unique features, comfort, simplicity, flexibility and above all safety. Using advanced materials and innovative security mindset. And thanks to its innovative design, Atlas neck braces are stronger, safer and more flexible, which is appreciated by their customers worldwide. In short, the Atlas Brace, without reservation, is the future for neckbraces!