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Twenty MX Delta/Interlink X-Ring Chain and Sprocket Kit Orange


Complete Chain and Sprocket Kit with chain, front drive and orange rear drive. Everything is made by Twenty which makes really good stuff to a great price.

Holds 3 times longer than an aluminum drive and weighs a fraction of a steel rear drive. In addition, super high coolness factor.

Twenty Interlink is built with an outer ring in finest steel and an inner ring in 7075-T6 aluminum. This combination creates a drive with the wear tread of a steel drive but much easier. It also looks really cool!

Number of cogs you choose yourself.

Made of quality steel, this front drive is very durable and has a long service life!

Precision work with incredibly tight tolerances that provide perfect fit. Fully heat-treated to give maximum strength and durability!

Number of cogs you choose yourself.

Twenty Delta X-ring is a quality chain adapted for the toughest motocross and re-driving. Twenty Delta X-ring is specially developed for low rolling resistance and minimal after-stretching (in practice 50% lower friction than an ordinary O-ring chain). The lower friction also means that you get a higher power to the rear wheel, which in turn gives you the right conditions for faster lap times

The X-rings in the chain links have two extra tracks compared to an O-ring chain, these tracks retain more fat in the chain. This means that it has up to three times the service life of a standard chain. Not bad!

Chain lock included. Number of links you choose yourself.