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Twenty & Oshiro 520 Enduro MX Chain & Sprocket Set


Chain & sprocket kit from Twenty!

Are you looking for the most affordable racing package on the market that has excellent quality without compromising on the components? Then you've found the right kit!

Twenty racing line chain & sprocket kit includes an aluminium rear sprocket, a steel front sprocket and a gold coloured chain, from well-known Twenty!

The chain:

Twenty Oshiro is a new reinforced standard chain. An excellent chain for those who require good prices and higher wear resistance than standard chains. All parts of the chain are made of high-quality steel, the chain is also extra reinforced for higher life. The chain links are linked by a "Hard Chromium Manganese Molybdenum" rivet.

With Twenty Oshiro reinforced chain you get:
-A chain developed for Motocross, Enduro Street and ATV
-The rivets are hard-pressed for best strength
-All chains are pre-tensioned and pre-stretched to minimise initial stretching
- Gold/metal, 118 links, 6744LBS, 2,1kg per 118 links
-The chain comes with clip lock

Twenty steel front sprocket:

Made of high-quality steel, this front sprocket is very durable and has a long service life!

Precision work with incredibly tight tolerances that provide perfect fit. Fully heat-treated to give maximum strength and durability!

You choose the number of cogs.

Twenty aluminium rear sprocket:

The most lightweight and strongest aluminium sprocket on the market. 70% more lightweight than steel sprockets and more durable than any other aluminium sprocket! Made of 7075-T6 Aerospace aluminium for maximum durability. Patented tooth profile that increases the life of the chain by up to 15 %. The tooth profile reduces chain vibration which provides smoother acceleration through a more even energy distribution to the rear wheel. These sprockets are CNC laser cut with incredibly tight tolerances for perfect fit.

Twenty aluminium sprockets are manufactured in Europe!