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ProX MX Alu 428 130 Chain & Sprocket Kit


ProX Racing is known for its wide product range for technical parts such as pistons, cranks and gaskets.
Now the ProX range has even more to offer with chain & sprocket kits!

ProX has developed a chain that is made of high quality steel, manufactured in Japan from leading OEM factories.
The chains are made up of different components, all of which have their specific and crucial functions to make the chain a top-quality product.

The ProX chain features:
-A special coating on the links creates an extremely hard surface with a softer inside, which increases the strength while simultaneously reducing overall wear on the chain.
-The pins are heavy pressed and feature quadruple punched riveting for ultimate strength.
-Inner plates are designed in a specific shape that allows less material to be used, resulting in a 3% lighter chain without compromising the tensile strength.
-All chains are pre-tensioned and pre-stretched to minimise initial stretching
-130 Links

Front sprocket
ProX steel front sprocket is lightweight and has mudgrooves for optimal removal of dirt and mud!
The gears are made of low-corrosion SCM435 steel
The Ni-Chromium Molybdenum steel has a low carbon content which prevents degradation while the hardened surface provides maximum durability.

Precision CNC machining provides a perfect fit, while the "hole" design allows for lighter mass to rotate for ultimate performance and reduced gyro resistance.
- Self-cleaning mudgrooves!
- Ni-Chromium Molybdenum steel provides long service life and durability!
- Long-lasting, hardened surface!
- CNC milled – perfect fit for ultimate strength!
- Lightweight model, reduced gyro resistance, more power!

ProX aluminum rear drives are all made of high quality 7075-T6 aluminum – one of the toughest and strongest aluminum materials available on the market.
The entire drive is precision machined in CNC machines with strict tolerances that guarantee a perfect fit.

The rear sprocket comes with mudgrooves that help remove dirt from the teeth. Unlike many other rear sprockets, the mudgrooves are specially designed and located outside the pressure zone of the chain which significantly increases the durability of the drive.
The mounting holes are all recessed and cleaned for a perfect fit.
- Self-cleaning mudgrooves!
- 7075-T6 aluminum for long service life!
- Black anodised, stylish finish that is easy to clean!
- CNC milled – perfect fit for ultimate strength!

The ProX drive strikes the perfect balance between price, performance and quality!