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MX Twenty Delta 520 Enduro Chain and Sprocket Kit


Chain & sprocket kit from Twenty!

Are you looking for the most affordable racing package on the market that has excellent quality without compromising on the components? Then you've found the right kit!

Twenty racing line chain & sprocket kit includes an aluminium rear sprocket, a steel front sprocket and a gold coloured racing chain, from well-known Twenty!

The chain:

Twenty Delta X-ring is a quality chain adapted for the most extreme motocross and enduro-riding. Twenty Delta X-ring is specially developed for low resistance (in practice 50% lower friction than a regular O-ring chain). The service life of the chain is also up to three times longer compared a standard motocross chain.

The X-rings in the chain links have two extra tracks compared to an O-ring chain, which will retain the chain lubrication. This means that the chain has up to three times the service life of a standard chain. Plus you get a power increase to the rear wheel. Not bad right?

The chain is made up of links made of high-quality hardened steel, held together by "Hard Chromium Nikel Molybdenum" rivets. A softer core and extremely hard surface gives you solid rivets that neither bend nor go off, this gives a huge wear resistance. The rivets in combination with the hardened links give you an extremely durable chain.

All chains are both pre-tensioned and pre-stretched, which combined with the best material choices gives you a chain with minimal stretching.

Why X-ring?

An X-ring chain keeps lubricants inside the chain considerably longer than a chain without sealing rings. This results in a longer and thus better lubrication, which means that you get a more durable chain.
Initially, O-ring chains have a somewhat higher rolling resistance than chains without seals. However, with the newly developed Delta X rings, this rolling resistance is considerably lower and for most riders it is hardly noticeable. We recommend an X-ring chain for anyone who does not belong to the world elite.

-A chain specially developed for Motocross and Enduro riding at the highest level.
-X ring technology with Delta technology, quadruple sealing surfaces for increased life and best lubrication abilities. Delta technology also gives lower friction than standard and O-ring chains
-The heat-treated steel alloy of the links provides an extremely hard surface and a softer interior for guaranteed best durability
- All chains are pre-tensioned and pre-stretched for minimal initial stretching
- Only 19,5 mm wide
- Gold/metal, 118 links, 7870LBS, 1,9 kg
-The chain comes with clips and rivet lock

Front sprocket:

Made of high-quality steel, this front sprocket is very durable and has a long service life!

Precision work with incredibly tight tolerances that provide perfect fit. Fully heat-treated to give maximum strength and durability!

You choose the number of cogs.

Rear sprocket:

Twenty now proudly presents the lightest steel sprocket on the market! The tooth profile reduces chain vibration/slap which provides smoother acceleration by evenly distributing power to the rear wheel. Lasts up to three times as long as an aluminum sprocket!

The sprockets are laser cut in order to reduce the amount of material used without reducing the strength or stiffness. They also have incredibly tight tolerances for perfect concentricity and fit. The surface is painted black for excellent protection against all types of corrosion. This also gives a fresh finish.

Do not forget to buy new sprocket bolts.