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HIFLO Oil Filter


World class oil filters!

HiFlo was the first manufacturer in the world who received TUV approval for their motorcycle filters, which means that HiFlo filters equal or better your original filter.

HiFlo has been manufacturing filters for more than four decades. Only the best raw materials are used. Steel from Toyota, Tsusho and NKK Japan, adhesives from Henkel Germany, paper from Hollingsworth and Vose in the USA and Awa Paper Japan. All this to bring you top quality filters from HIFLO

HiFlo is an OEM supplier to BMW, Peugeot, Toyota and Suzuki.

Its lubricating capacity is affected by the oil's purity. With the help of HiFlo superior filters, waste products from the engine are collected, which helps to prevent wear and tear on the engine.

Change both your oil and filters regularly to prevent wear and to maintain the oil's purity.